Veritas Veridian Burlesque

V Stands For Truth, My Love.

Veritas Veridian is a burlesque performer in the Charlotte metro area who performs, teaches, and choreographs across the Southeast.

Veritas Veridian: An Introduction

“Sexiest Exotic Artist” of 2018 on The Lust List.
Charlotte’s Best Burlesque Performer of 2018.

Burlesque Performer, Educator and Judge.

I left Savannah, GA (my true love) for Charlotte, NC to open my burlesque and pole boutique, AFV Exotics Arts. It’s a jewel box studio and a sanctuary for creativity.

In my world the men are dapper. Chivalry is everywhere. Play that old jazz standard, and pour me a whiskey! Shower me with emeralds, play some Duke Ellington, and we can make magic happen, darlin’!

Hand me those feather fans, and we’ll soar like nightingales above all this propaganda…

And as we dissolve into this fantasy, let’s take a moment to consider what we see when we look through our own eyes. We find our true selves. We question everything, and we find the truth. Is there anything sexier?

V Stands For Truth, My Love.
— Veritas Veridian
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